This week is all about Malifaux again :S

Tournament look back

Well survived my first Malifaux tournament last Sunday, it was a good laugh and got to learn many things and met so many different people from the twitter community 🙂

So how did I do then? Well went 2-1 over the day with a VP differential of -3, which is not bad. I took Gremlins which meant basically I had Somer and Ophelia to play with.

apologies I complete forgot to take any pictures but the number of painted crews at the event filled me with much happiness as other systems the number is far less which is a shame.

(Side note: I will for this one time say that Chris’ (@CDHay) #LegoFaux Dreamer crew is well painted even if most of it is not painted 😉 )

Game 1 – Played against Ant (who is up there in the rankings top 5!!) playing against his Raspy crew including Snow Storm.

Game was Squatters Rights – So I took Somer with his summoning engine (3 Gremlins and Slop Hauler) with Pigapult for moving gremlins quickly with Francois, McTavish and a Gator.

My schemes where Frame for Murder on the Gator and Take Prisoner for Snow Storm.

Reasons I did this are that the Gator is a glass cannon who will do some damage, die quickly or hopefully both. While I didn’t have many heavy hitters I figured I could get a gremlin into Snowstorm late game for the other. Alas that didn’t go well and by end of turn 1 it was already over as far as games go.

I didn’t realise how quickly snow storm could move (and bring the entire crew with him) which really surprised me and then with Ice Mirror for Rapsy and her blasts and bad deployment by me meant I only had 1 gremlin left by the end of turn one which killed my summoning ability.

By the end of the game (in which I tried to give Ant a game) I only had the pigapult left and he scored max on strategy, assassinate and take a prisoner.

So Lost 10-2 – What I learnt was don’t deploy around pigauplt as it is so easy to hit (never been a problem before). There was nothing I could do about snow storm as reading his card would not have registered the movement shenanigans it can do for the whole crew.

Game 2 – Played against Mark aka @Vanguard187 on twitter who had Seamus crew to play with.

Game was Reckoning – I took Ophelia with Francois, Raphael, Rami, Burt, Gracie and couple of Gremlins.

My schemes where: Bodyguard on Francois and Power Ritual.

Reasons for this where with flank deployment, power ritual is so easy and bodyguard on Franc meant he could go for a corner with power ritual and stay out of harm’s way as well :).

I hate ressers and there hard to wound I really do!!! Don’t think I have mentioned this before….

Burt and Gracie did really well in this game, both of them tying up most of the Marks crew for a good chunk of the game. But Burt wins it for me as not only did he kill something BUT with Crackerjack Timing cast he actually managed to surround Seamus so other stuff had to activate so he could move.

I won 6-3 as the game only got to the end of turn 4 due to time. But I claimed all points for power ritual as I got 3 markers down (didn’t declare) and 2 for bodyguard (again missing out on turn 5 pt there) and 1 point for reckoning which isn’t bad against ressers !

What I learnt is that Gracie is a great tank but I can’t be greedy with the reactivates as if I fail to heal her she is goes quickly. I also need to remember to do the healing on dirty cheater when I can activate it!

Game 3 – Played against Cy with his Pandora crew.

Game was Turf wars – I took Ophelia, Raphael, Francois, Rami, Burt, 3 Gremlins, 2 Young.

My schemes where Protect Territory and Breakthrough

My crew was bigger than his so I knew that I could out-activate allowing me more time to get markers down. I was worried about going against Pandora as she was the reason I nearly quit Malifaux altogether in MK1 not a fun master to play against.

This on top of all that incorporeal in the crew meant I had apprehensions. I can cover this one a bit more as it was the last game so stuck in the mind a bit better.

I think Cy was taken aback by the Gremlins possible damage output as turn one Raphael managed to get a bead on his Doppelganger and take it off the board with server dumb luck damage. I think this made him a bit more cautious in his play, which in turn meant I had some more freedom for schemes and picking my battles. I managed to remove Barbarossa pretty quickly as well, it cost me Burt but I will take that.

This left him with him with basically Pandoras boxset and I have to say the sorrows are hard to shift, but I did manage to get them all removed bar Candy and Pandora. Think Cy needs to worry less about losing Pandora as I was glad she didn’t get closer REALLY glad.

Apart from Raphael actually doing big damage for a change, my best moment was actual a Young LaCroix.

Who got hold of the Threatening Gun upgrade, shot the poltergeist to kill it but got the trigger to paralyse a nearby sorrow as it failed the horror duel

Won 8-6 as the game only got to the end of turn 4 again. But I claimed all points for protect territory as I got 3 markers down (didn’t declare) and 2 for breakthrough (needed 5th turn to get the last one out) and 3 point for turf war again because of no turn 5!

What is you can’t rely on big damage but when it comes, it can change the game as one-shotting anything really stuns your opponent.

Overall though a great day, against some great opponents and also watching Mr Joel Henry get beaten by a 3.5lb burrito (didn’t finish the nachos).


More chat about malifaux and gremlins. Somer box has finally been released, he is loose 😉 Have to say I am a little disappointed Somer is not doing it for me and those skeeters are bloody huge.

In other news the gremlins are on the shelf now for 2 reasons I want my new masters for them (come on Wyrd) and I appear to have 10T and Arcanists so what to give them a go. With an eye on future tournaments including Vappafaux in the new year!

Question is how do I pick?


Infamy Kickstarter has started you can check it out here. But we also got James on podcast as well, so go have a listen here.

Looking forward to see how this goes as the models are stunning so with some luck the rules will match 🙂

Also huge congrats for being funded in no time at all!!

Privateer press

In other news PP have shown off some new shiny things..

Wow he is everything Baldur wish he was 🙂

Albino Gator?! Mr Hanson will be happy..

Wow loving the new flying models, if this the direction for flyer beasts when they move to plastic I applaud PP.

Paint/hobby Corner

More 10T painting recently, looking at getting a few minions painted up before I do some of the exciting stuff 😉

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


2 thoughts on “Beared-itorial

    1. Cheers 🙂 broken snowstorm 😉
      Looking at taking 10T for next one. So looking at Yan Lo, Mei Feng and another but not sure who yet.

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