As you read this I will be knee-deep in malifaux players as I attend my first tournament down at the Outpost.

I am taking the mighty Gremlins in particular Somer and Ophelia as I haven’t gone down the proxy road too much for the other masters.

looking forward to it 3 games at 50SS should be good and there are some very very good players going so with that in mind I have 2 objectives.
1) dont get 0 for victory points
2) win a game

That is what I want to get out of the day, anything else is great a full 10 points would be cool as I have never managed that either.
But more than anything I get to put faces to twitter accounts which will be very cool 🙂


More chat about malifaux and gremlins. Somer box has finally been released, he is loose 😉 Have to say I am a little disappointed Somer is not doing it for me and those skeeters are bloody huge.

Like the boys so will be getting some of them. While the Lenny model ia much bigger which is cool. Think I have fallen in love with McTavish as well him and his gators are proving to be a very strong addition to the Gremlins.

In more Gremlin news, the artwork for Ulix has appeared.

Cant wait to get my hands in this model, as I want Ulix to be one of my go to masters as I love the pigs so much.

Paint/hobby Corner

More 10T painting recently, looking at getting a few minions painted up before I do some of the exciting stuff 😉

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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