Thunderbear – Katanaka Sniper

First of the thunderbear posts: Like the Bayou Bear posts for Gremlins, these are going to be for 10T faction and viewing any dual faction models as just their true 10T side 😉

First up one of the wave 2 models in the shape of the Katanaka Sniper


He costs a fair bit for a minion coming in at 7 points. His stats are pretty average although he does have a nice Wp of 6. You are only allowed two of them in a list, so it is worth considering this.


So what about his abilities then:

Hard to Kill – Always nasty to have and with his number of wounds will hopefully mean it takes at least 2/3 attacks to take him down.

From the Shadows – What self-respecting Sniper wouldn’t be able to find a decent spot to put himself? Allows him to pick the perfect spot for a firing lane.

Loyalty Unto Death – This is pretty nasty and something to remember even if you are using a sit back sort of Master. Gaining reactivate for the price of your master can have its uses (thinking Miskai here as she is generally in the thick of it).

Attack Actions

Ancestral Katana – Average Ml attack that also has good range, while the damage track is also pretty average. You do also gain positives on the attack flip as well. There are better attacks out there but this is pretty good for a sniper!!

Clockwork Rifle – Average Sh attack which has great range and similar to the Katana’s damage track.

He does have positive flips on the action and if he has the focus condition you double the range to nasty level!

  • Critical Strike – Rams – We know this one well, so any additional damage is a good thing :).

Poison Dart – a zero action, with low range and average Sh that hands out slow. This is actually nice as it does stop people charging you. As you can move towards something dart it and move away. The range of this plus his walk means there is not much that can get to him if they are slow!.


So who works well with Mr Sniper? Well the obvious one is McCabe as his Badge of Speed upgrade any shooting minion will love him. Nimble and a possible reactivate means you can get 4 shots or 2 focused shots a turn, out of these guys.

Obviously any crew with Toshiro is going to be good, with his free focus from corpses or handing out fast with his fan.

Shenlong is also an interesting choice with his Peasants handing out focus.


Overall the sniper offers something different over the archers, not only in swapping amount of shots for range but also some melee abiltites. Strong competition in the range minions for 10T.




Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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