Bear-All Showcase – BrokenToad

It has been a while since I have had a Bear All post 🙂 but hopefully I shoud be able to get some more in the near future..

For those that have not read one of these before. go have a read of the original idea HERE.

So without anymore fanfare here is the new one from one of the many WAAC supporters :).1) Name (alias) – BrokenToad

2) How long have you been into the hobby? First got into the hobby in 1992.

3) How were you introduced to the hobby?

A school friend first introduced me to the world of miniatures, he brought a copy of White Dwarf into school one day and I was hooked instantly.

4)What attracted you to the hobby all that time ago?

I grew up as a typical geek watching things like Star Wars, Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, etc and loved the fact that i could bring those sorts of worlds to life.

I always had a very vivid imagination as a kid and this gave me an outlet to let it run wild.

5) Has that same attraction changed over time?

These days i focus more on models and ideas i think are cool regardless of their origin.

6) Can you put collecting, building, converting, painting, gaming into order of preference please

For me it’s always been about the painting side of the hobby, im not really i big gamer to be honest.

7) What does a bear do in the woods? a Catholic?

8) What was the first miniature you ever bought/painted?

The first miniatures i ever bought were a box of plastic skeletons (when they were 8 to a box for £5) because i was a massive fan of Ray Harryhausen growing up, however the first miniature i sat and painted from start to finish was ‘Lord Borak the Despoiler’ the Chaos Blood Bowl star player

9) Do you still have it?

God knows what happened to the skeletons but I do still have Borak kicking around somewhere.

10) What is your favourite ever miniature?

An Orlock Neromunda ganger stood holding a double barreled shotgun vertically, sculpted by Jez Goodwin in about 1994/5

11) What is it about that one, which makes it your favourite?

Jez’s models were always way ahead of their time in my opinion which is why they still stand the test of time today and this one captures his skill as a sculptor perfectly, its such a simple sculpt and yet the models tells a great story.

12) Bacon OR Sausage? Pigs in blankets, why compromise?

13) What was your first gaming system? Probably 40K like 95% of hobbyists.

I don’t really get to game much, i still love Blood Bowl, i think it’s the best game GW ever produced and its fans have laid down a pretty perfect rule set with the living rulebook, the only other system i play is Warmachine/Hordes.

14) What is your favourite system you have ever played? I still play BloodBowl to this day so id have to go with that.

15) Why? It’s an amazingly tactical games and so much fun, even though the dice hate me

16) What do you look for in a new game? To be perfectly honest I don’t, im not much of a gamer.

17) Can you put these into preference – Miniatures, Fluff, Rules? Always miniatures, the other 2 don’t really bother me.

18) Why? Because painting cabinets and competitions don’t take fluff and rules into consideration.

19) Original or re-made? Original every time

20) Is working with miniatures all day cool?

Yes and no, working on new products is always fun and exciting but if you get a huge commission on the painting side painting the same model 20 times can be very repetitive

21) Is it harder to find time to do the hobby when the hobby is the job? Yes always

22) Are you slightly more insane because of it? I’ve been on a downhill slide for years so I don’t know if I can really blame the hobby, sometimes its the only thing keeping me sane

My thanks to Broken Toad for taking part you can grab him on his website, or Facebook/Twitter. You can also pick up his brushes/pigments etc. at Artisan Quarters

The Showcase

But now for the good bit a chance to see some shiny models painted up 🙂

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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