#WAAC update 6


Here we are at update 6 and we are still going strong with some many donations and prizes coming in 🙂

Also today is my birthday and I am feeling generous so the BIGGEST donation recieved today will get a spot prize from the prize pool. Your donation will also mean you are still in with a shout at the raffle itself as well.


Grab your t-shirt, mug to show your support!! at the WAACWear Shop.


Last chnace today to order your WAAC Dice – WAAC Dice

Painting Competition

2 months will the painting competition ends (HERE), so make sure you take part 🙂

Prize Support

Well it just keeps on coming do the prizes, can almost not keep up..

Places taking part

The list of places you can take part in WAAC is still growing and below is a full list for you to check out. So make sure you find your local, and if they are not on the list. Let me know 🙂

outpost 150x150

We also have Crow Valley Crusaders taking part in sunny Wales

We have Tanelorn WG Club in London, Worhamma in the NE looking to be getting involved some how as well 🙂

Know of a club or store I don’t have on here? Then please either get in contact with me or get them to contact me, so we can make this a truly UK (maybe world) wide event for MacMillan.

We have a new button now as you can see, so please donate. Any donation know matter the size will get you a raffle ticket to win some very cool prizes


3 thoughts on “#WAAC update 6

  1. I can now confirm that the Southampton Sluggaz will be hosting this event at the St Deny’s community centre who have given us the hall for the day at no charge. We have managed to obtain a sponsor from AC models in Eastleigh and are currently in the process of working with our local MacMillan fundraiser coordinator to help publicise the event.

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