Grumpy Wargamer – 7th Ed First Impressions.

Someone got their rulebook early and have been giving some impressions on the beast.

Got my copy of 7th edition today, (I know it’s earlier and no I won’t tell you how) and after a few hours of reading through and picking out some of the main changes that I have found I have to say I’m liking it. I’m not sure it’s going to be to every body’s taste as some stuff has been simplified (dumbed down to the avid forum GW hate mongers)  now I’m just going to go right ahead and say that the 3 book set is both pointless and awesome at the same time. How can it be both? Well put it this way there was no way GW where going to release a BRB without adding in the 40k fluff and what I call the warhammer 40k google image search results. And this makes the BRB rather heavy rather annoying and rather pointless especially when it is going to have to be dragged around from game to game. So it made perfect sense to have the rule book separate from the rest of the fluff. You are left with a codex sized rule book to cart about with you instead of a tomb of useless images and fluff. Now wile the constant handing out of GW fluff is somewhat like grandad from only fools and horses siting down in his frayed arm chair constantly repeating the phrase “during the war” it would be silly to not include it. After all new customer base is what GW wants and handing someone a book with rules in it and no explanation as to why the tin men with spikes are fighting the tin men without
 spikes, is not going to entice anyone into the world of the 41 millennium.

To actaully find out some info, you know what to do 😉


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