Bayou Bear – Somer Time

With the advent of 2nd edition Malifaux and my rekindle love of the game AND the gremlins now they are a faction. I thought I would do some posts about various characters in the faction. This wont necessary be just about masters.

So welcome to the first of hopefully a few Bayou Bear posts (sorry cant help but do a daft post name 😉 )

So the first post has to be about the first master I picked up many moons ago, that is right its time to don the Big Hat.


First up his stats that we have to deal with;

He has very good Df stat not the highest but 6 is still excellent. Likewise his Wp is up there and is almost godly compared to gremlins in general.
Decent wound track which on top of his Df/Wp means he can at least stick around.
He isn’t the fastest guy around being a summoner by trade but it’s nice to see he can charge a bit quicker than his walk.

He has a height of 2 which is very handy in a faction of Ht 1 models at least he wont get devoured 🙂
Pretty solid overall and with soul stone use as well he is going to be pretty hard to take down.


Next up his standard abilities that he has access to.

Bayou Two Card – a really interesting ability that allows him to cheat with top card from your deck rather than hand. This is pretty awesome if the cards in your hand are rubbish or want to keep hold of cards instead. Although fate can be fickle.

Survival of the Fittest – in a faction with lots of cheap easy to kill models this at least gives you a nice bonus for those many many deaths/sacrifices. When a gremlin dies/sacrificed then you can draw 2 cards. More chances for good cards is always a positive for me.

Both these abilities make management of your fate hand very efficient for Somer crews. As he is getting extra cards during the turn as gremlins will die to a stiff breeze meaning you are more inclined to cheat in one instance OR he can save his hand for another crew members activation by using 2-card. OK neither are full-proof but that is Gremlins for you.

Loudest Squeel Trigger – Df/Wp mask – any trigger that works for both Df and Wp is very handy. After an attack action has been resolved against him, if it is successful or not, you can Push him in any direction. This is great for getting him out-of-the-way of a second attack but also adds some movement shenanigans.

Attack Actions

Boomer – His gun which has an OK Sh5 but he does have a great range on it. The damage is not too bad either with both moderate & severe granting blasts as well. What really makes him dangerous as with normal Bayou Gremlins is the trigger.

thinkin’Luck trigger – A ram is needed and boy does it boost the damage ability of the Boomer up to something a lot of models in malifaux will have to worry about.

This on top of his summoning abilities means you want he a little way back he isnt Lilith/Lady J but he can still kick out a fair amount of damage especially with that trigger.

Pig prodder – His melee weapon which has a better Ml than his gun. However its damage is not as spectacular but the decent range on it means he can threaten from distance if you so wish. Although I think the gun will always be the go to attack.

Come & get it trigger – Needing a crow, after reducing target to 0 wounds, he can summon a piglet into base contact with target before removing it. A free model is nothing to sneeze about although you will need to make sure that Somer can take down what he hits.

Bigger hat than you

A little bit situational but if done at the right time can really hurt your opponent. It is basically a duel using Wp, leader against leader that causes both sides to discard their entire hand. Not being able to cheat fate in the normal ways (note bayou 2 card as way round this), can be very nasty. For instance if Bette Noir is around you know your opponent has certain cards in his hand to reburied her. Now he doesn’t have that card any more so goodbye Ms Noir if you can squish her; that is very satisfying 😉 if you have access to anything that needs cards to be discarded to avoid being killed also makes this pretty powerful.

Tactical Actions

Do it like dis! – Zero action that allows you to discard a card to gain that suite for anything with 8. Very handy if you want those dumb luck rams. Another possibility is getting the mask you need for some upgrade cards or his Df/Wp trigger. I think you will be casting this a lot more than the next one.

Quit screwin round – Another zero action that stops models within 4 declaring triggers. great against melee based opponents, as they tend to have some nasty triggers (suddenly Lady J is just scary rather than OMGZ scary). Timing will be everything with this as generally you will be doing Do it like dis! until you think Somer has a chance to do some disruption.


I am now going to look at some of the upgrades available to Somer with his unique ones and a few others as well.

Can O Beans – A 1SS upgrade that grants two zero actions; Both are interesting but this is certainly an upgrade you take with the Skeeter totems in mind.

Pull my finger – this is a Ca6 which needs any 5 to succeed on top of a range of 2. All non-gremlin models need to pass a Wp duel (with TN of 15) or suffer 2 damage. Generally this is meh on Somer as he needs to be further back. But for the missiles that are Skeeters this is very nice. OK they will need a higher card to get it off but still doing this in a cluster of enemies (twice if you have 2 skeeters) then they are going to struggle to get decent cards so many times as the TN is very high.

Warn the kin – Again a zero action, that is situational as Somer will tend to be in a sticky situation. Basically allows models to ignore Somer for determining random targets while shooting into engagement. A nice ability but really it is all about Pull my finger.

Encouragement – A 2SS upgrade that grants the following

Rock to the head – Creates an 8″ bubble which allows gremlins to take 1 damage to gain a plus flip to any duel. Which is very nice although it is worth noting that with the amount of damage Gremlins take not only from opponents but also Somer and themselves then you need to be a little bit cautious.

Family tree – A 2SS upgrade that makes Somer what he really is 🙂
Git yer bro – With a Ca6 and a target of 8 of masks or higher (remember Do it like this ability though 😉 ) and small range means you will be activating him early before the Boys start running around.

But it allows you to get another Bayou gremlin, but they both take 2 wounds (split in half maybe?). This means you will probably need a slop hauler around as well as Gremlins with half wounds generally don’t last 5 minutes…

Pig feed – A 1SS upgrade that makes Somer what he really is 🙂 which grants an action and ability.
Pork whispern  – All friendly pigs activating within 8 MAY ignore seter off ability for their activation. Handy to have if you decide to go pig heavier with Somer.
Tossed feed – A Ca6 with a TN of 12 with resistance of Df. Allows all pigs in LoS to be pushed their Wk towards target. Any pigs which end in base contact with target immediately make a 1ap Ml attack against it.

This is a nice upgrade if you are planning on having pigs around, however you are just as likely aiming to get more gremlins and trying to keep them going over using pigs as well (go check out Ulix).

Quality liquor mash – A 2SS upgrade that grants the following
Take a swig – Target model within a small area can damage which is relatively low. Again a nice upgrade however if you have a slop hauler around you don’t have to worry about the healing of Gremlins you can keep making more of them instead.

Liquid bravery – A 1SS upgrade that helps cover up one of Gremlins issues.

Stubborn – Enemy models suffer a negative flip to attack flip that are resisted by Wp.
Down the hatch – Zero action that allows all minions within 8 to get a bonus to their Wp which is great for Gremlins with their low stat as standard.

A very good one to consider if you know you may be facing Wp duels a lot as every little helps.

The guardian stone – A 1SS upgrade that again can protect Somer from most things.

Echo of souls – When he is targeted by an action he can spend a soul stone to flip a card to increase his Wp or Df for the remainder of the duel, ok you can’t go above 8 but that is still something very nice.

Moment of insight – Zero action that allows you to discard the upgrade to push in any direction. Handy for a movement boost when you need it but to give up the boost to Df/Wp would be a hard one to give up..

So overall what sort of upgrades will we be taking for Mr Somer? Family Tree has to be a must just for his summoning play. Liquid Bravery is also pretty good to consider especially if any Wp duels are going to be around. Can O Beans is a most if you are taking Skeeters as it allows them to be pretty annoying (and smelly). Quality Liquor Mash is also something to consider to help with healing up Gremlins IF you have nothing else to do with Somer.

Encouragement is also another one to consider just for the extra positive flips. So only one real have to have it upgrade which is nice. The others are dependent on your opponents choice of crews and also your own.

So what sort of situations are we going to want to take Mr Somer?


Bearing in mind that Somer likes to generate lots of cheap troops that can drop markers and move around pretty quickly what sort of Strategies suit him more than the others.

Reconnoiter is great as he can generally out number most other crews to claim those VPs, which will probably be the easiest one for him to do against most crews.

Turf war is ok as he can have more models near the marker if is some of them die if can still have many more. The trouble is when he can’t produce as many gremlins as the enemy can kill.

Both Squatters rights and Stake a Claim fall into the same category as Turf War as the Somer Crew can very easily achieve these its just a case of keeping Gremlins alive

Side note Reckonning is bad for him as he only has troops that die to a stiff breeze so very much giving points to your opponent. Yes you can kill stuff with the dumb luck triggers BUT that is making easy to kill gremlins EVEN easier to kill..


Now for the schemes that work OK with Somer, I have split these into 3 possibilities;

Those that are more or less suited to what Somer can do, those dependent on crew members you take beyond Gremlins and those that are probably worth leaving alone.

Schemes worth doing – A Line in the Sand, Distract, Breakthrough, Protect Territory, Outflank, Plant Evidence– due to lots of activations you can have plus the speed in which gremlins can shift means these are all doable.

Cursed Object – Is a possible choice as it works like distract scheme, however this becomes more about how easy is it for the opposition to remove it.

Deliver the Message, Spring the trap – Are both very much doable due to speed of gremlins however could also be more down to Crew build as well, Pigapult may be useful.

Plant Explosives – Is an ok one to have due to your activations HOWEVER you are susceptible to this one with your numbers so one to be wary of.

Crew BuildBodyguard, Frame for murder – very dependent on your build but someone like Lenny would do ok for bodyguard as you need to get through a sea of gremlins to get to him. While a La Croix could be good for Murder.

Vendetta – Is probably more down to crew build as you could always pick a gremlin and target something else (generally most things more expensive than a gremlin) but you will probably need to do some softening up first…

Power Ritual – You have the speed generally for this one, however its getting things to your opponent’s side of the table that makes it tricky. Again something like the pigapult maybe handy for this.

Leave aloneAssassinate, Murder Protege – Is possible with dumb luck but generally these are tough ones to get off. Although protege can be slightly easier

Entourage – Is a tough one as your don’t really want Somer that close to your opponent, yes he is survivable but not completely

Make them Suffer – yeah Somer can fight but would rather be doing other things so probably leave this one.

Take Prisoner – Although in theory it is a nice one as you can out-activate the chances of a lot of the stuff you have surviving to pull this off is probably slim unless you time it perfectly.


A fun master to play and he can deal with most things although he is very much a summoner and support master rather than smash face one.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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