I am Batman

So its been a little while since I looked at a new system of models (yes I know I did a Bushido one recently, weeks are a long time).

Anyway I have been excited by the Batman Miniatures Game stuff by Knight Models for a while and having got Mr Hawkwind to do a guest review of the rules HERE! I figured may as well see if the miniatures are that much fun.

So expect a couple of reviews in the coming weeks, but I had to start with an actual Batman model and although all the Arkham stuff looks cool I had to go with the Frank Miller Batman just for some old school fun.

The packaging is standard fair with some nice artwork/pictures on the card sleeve. I just hope the 14+ is actual age not mental age otherwise I will need the missus to buy me these going forward..

After getting the package open, we discover that Batman doesn’t come in too many pieces. The only part which could be considered fiddly is the rope section. However turns out that it is pretty sturdy as majority is directly connected to hand section.

Clean up was very easy, very little flash or mould lines to speak of and only real thing I had to do as reshape the pegs on the bottom of the feet to fit the base insert.

Something which I did find pretty clever was the use of the card insert for the packaging also folds out to be the stat card for the model. Very environmentally friendly that 😉

So as you could probably gather from the parts this Batman goes together quicker than a lot of stuff out there and with minimum fuss.

What I am impressed with is the model balance that cape is a solid piece of pewter yet it doesn’t over balance the model at all. Bearing in mind my pictures are done on a carpeted floor due to space so not the complete flat surface like tabletop.

A close up of the standard non-smiling Batman. Detailing is excellent ok spandex isn’t the easiest thing to show detail on, but the sculptor has capture the muscles underneath really well. This is one buff Bat.


A very nice model and even if you dont fancy playing the game, I would find it hard not to justify picking one of these up just to paint.

Beside the fact it is Batman in 28mm scale it is actually really well done and I look forward to getting my hands on more.

Although they really need to make a Adam West one now that would be awesome..

You can pick up your own Batman from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150

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