Vallejo Fluorescent Paints – Quick Look

After finding out about Fluorescent paints from Vallejo, I though it would be cool to have an army of day-glo daemons 🙂 With that in mind I decided to pick some up as you may remember from Beared-itorials and also conversations I have had on Twitter.

So I picked up the 5 colours in the range; Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange

An odd set of colours but went with it anyway. Below you can see some of the experiments with the paints;

So the light was very simply the yellow paint over a white base with a wipe of brush around the light as well. I think it actually gives it a very quick/easy OSL effect with little work.

Again over a white base and after a few layers of the green (and yellow as a pseudo-hightlight) along with the blue done the spine. It certainly pops.

So how did I fair with them in use, first off a bear-tip; Ensure your WHITE undercoat is spot on like really spot on!! If you are doing smaller areas than you can get by with just a white base.

The reason for this is the paints are incredibly thin and coverage is not the best compared to say most normal paint colours. Probably down to the very fine pigment that will be in use. Think worse than the likes of Bad Moon Yellow for those that remember it.

You will need several layers to get a result you want however I have found that it needs to be bone dry to achieve this as sometimes you may wish to do another coat quickly not here all that seems to happen is you disrupt the last layer, Frustrating at first!

The other point is that if you mix the colours with themselves or normal colours you will dull the effect so be careful with what you are hoping to achieve in the end I actually just used pure yellow layer as a highlight onto the green which seems to of worked.

Overall, interesting paints that need a lot of experimenting with but can give some great results. Patience and Play around are your key words here 😉

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