Growing Up Gamers Review – Ruse a Steampunk Murder Mystery

During a look around crowd sourcing goodness I came across a little card game that looked very interetsing ‘Ruse’ but alas I didnt have the funds to back it but after a great review by GUG I wished  I had found some 😦

In Ruse, players take turns trying to play evidence cards on each other.  If a player ever has a motive, means, and opportunity (3 different cards) in front of them at the end of their turn, they are unmasked as the murder.  The game deck doubles as a standard deck of cards so it has four suits that run Ace through King.  As soon as a player has one piece of evidence played on them, that establishes their suit.  Only cards of the same suit can be played on them in the future.  There are also alibi cards.  Alibi cards can be played to remove a piece of evidence that is the same number.  So if that incriminating gun in front of you is also a 5, you need an alibi that’s a 5 to get rid of it. 
Check out the rest of the review with the link below;

Growing Up Gamers Review – Ruse

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