Primarch Deathmatch Round 3

Well this is it the final round of these little fights and it has certainly been interesting so far. Round 1 and Round 2 if you missed them.

So with Horus out in front will he go undefeated or will Fulgrim and Angron catch him up? Finally with Mortarion actually do something?? Time to find out…

Mortarion VS Angron

So here is the starter course of the final round as Angron looks to save face and Mortarion looks to well actually do something.

So as the bell rings it is no surprise that Mortarion needing a good start comes out swinging and managing to inflict 2 wounds onto Angron but not before taking one himself.

Round 2 saw Angron getting less than happy (can’t say Angry again ever after this by the way) and manages to cut his brother without taking a wound.

Round 3 saw a reversal of round 1 as Angron starts to get into the grove and turn into the hurricane he should be..

Round 4 it is all over! In the biggest round of these fights a Primarch manages to take more than 2 wounds off one of his brothers to leave Mortarion at the bottom of the pile!!

Winner is Angron

Horus VS Fulgrim

Time now for the main course and the final battle in this little round-robin tournament I have done. The so far unbeaten Horus versus the boy wonder that is Fulgrim.

Into round 1 both brothers either wary of each other or out of some sort of respect circle each other and use testing strikes but nothing worth while makes a mark on them.

Into round 2 things are still cagey but then as the bell rings Horus manages to make a telling blow and causes a wound.

Things continue into round 3 as both brothers go through an intricate dance of blades but neither land a blow.

Round 4 Fulgrim finally manages to best his brother taking a wound without reply.

Round 5 clearly enraged by his brothers cheek to wound him Horus decides to teach him a lesson and goes on to cause 2 wounds.

Round 6 looking to finish this Horus did another wound and Fulgrim failed to do any at this point it was TKO as Fulgrim could no longer wound his brother due to the Talon!!

Winner is Horus

So there you go ladies and gents the winner as if there was any doubt is Horus. Although the Primarchs stats are all pretty similar it comes down to the invulnerable saves and their weapons and it has to be said the Talon for Horus is brutal

He can’t kill as many as Angron or as quickly as Fulgrim but anything with a high wound count will suffer a slow death from Horus as he can literally pick characters apart and not need to worry about being hit back. Anyone that can reduce a Primarch to WS and S less than 3 is always going to do well.

I was surprised how poorly Mortarion did but I believe he is not meant to go after his brothers he is about clearing out infantry and on his terms so maybe an unfair set of battles this.

Final standings – Horus 3 wins (2 by TKO), Angron 2 wins, Fulgrim 1 win, Mortarion 0 wins

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