Skorne Warpack – My take

So after doing my little tournament preparation posts about my Cygnar I have got a little bite of the unit analysis bug again after a long time away. I hope I am a little wiser and certainly older so I hope these will be a better go than my first ones done many many moons ago.

So I am going to talk about the Skorne starter set. The reason is I have taken the plunge and decided to take these guys on again after a brief affair in MK1, in which we split due to pain differences. Now I have yet to paint my models up so this is will be the only picture you get 😉

So what do we get in the box? Master Tormentor Morghoul, 2x Cyclops Savages and a Titan Gladiator. So lets take a look at each in turn..

Cyclops Savage

They are a pretty standard light beast across the board with no surprises really (low RAT with a miniature without a gun) but they have the always nice advantage of reach on their big ol’sword.

They hit pretty weakly at only P+S 13 but in a faction with so many boosts to that number it isn’t going to be much to worry about. Future Sight is very handy as it makes the beasts pretty efficient with their Fury as they will know if they have to boost or not to get what they want (extremely useful).

Finally the Animus – Prescience – which I believe could be a players first introduction to Skornergy as it is pointless for the savage as it grants Future Sight! However this can be very hand on others particularly on assassination runs when you don’t need the extra range of an animus like rush.

Overall a pretty handy beast to have around although I would have liked a Cyclops Brute as well for Morghoul you see 😉

Titan Gladiator

A great heavy to have around, he hits relatively hard but as already mentioned this can easily be upped in-faction.

He really wants to slam instead of charging if you look at his rules for free slams and additional POW to the damage rolls as well as the follow-up move as well means you can usually finish something off with your remaining fury. However Slamming does cost you 3 initial attacks which is pretty high so thought is needed as to whether more attacks is better than a slam (and knock-down).

If you do Slam by careful that with the added distance that you don’t end up outside of a control area!
Now when you have a lot of big slow beasts it would be handy to have some speed boosts and thats what you get in the Gladiators Animus – Rush – a great thing to have as not only is the speed boost handy but also getting pathfinder is fantastic.

Overall a great beast that will be popular in a lot of lists but be careful with the decision to slam.


Now onto the Warlock who is a slippery little devil who hits like a pack of needles (not hard but it still hurts) and who dies if caught in a stiff breeze.

Statswise he looks like a reasonable sort of Warlock; excellent speed, OK MAT and awesome DEF but ARM and health boxes that are cause for concern! You knock him down or boost to-hit and he will die

He has a few abilities that work well together and generally means you can keep him save. Anatomical precision and overtake combine well to make him a single wound infantry killer especially if they are too close together. Than afterwards you can sprint away to hide afterwards.

His low fury stat does hurt both for Control area and what he can pull of his beasts to avoid threshold checks (if you want to) it also means he isn’t throwing out many extra attacks. However 2 things help with that he can swing twice with his claws for every fury spent this plus his maltreatment ability which lets him pull an extra fury off a beast during his activation means he can be a fury 6 warlock and that he can do 14 points of damage because of Anatomical Precision (this is enough to kill some caster/locks) although you do probably want something to at least knock them down first and take a few points of damage before Morghoul comes in (this is where he gets his hits like a box of needles from ;))

Perfect balance is also nice as you can usually get him where you want him to and generally not need to worry but again anything that knocks him down is BAD!!! even if he can stand up for free he generally doesn’t get to stand up anyway!

His Feat is pretty nice and puts the hurt on both sides of the Fury/Focus divide. Just shame his control area is so small. Generally it wont stop casters/locks (unless they are heavy magic users, but then they still get to camp) and infantry it is mainly to stop jacks/beasts.

Abuse – Great spell as it helps with both speed and hitting power, something that Skorne beasts are never going to turn down. The damage points to the beast is an ok tax for the what you can gain, although hope it doesn’t take out mind/body/spirit.
Admonition – Very helpful as it can keep a bait beast or Morghoul himself out of trouble.
Torment – Handy if situational and will probably be 4 fury cost spell rather than the 2 it is as you will need to generally boost the to hit and maybe the to wound to make sure you get the benefits. But the loss of tough and healing Shenanigans means it is particularly nasty against trolls.

Overall a fun Warlock but he has some bad match-ups at battlebox level (Kreoss & Styrker) if you like beast delivery systems this is the guy for you 😉

Finally I am going to talk about some of the things you can throw together to get the most out of your 4 miniatures.

First the obvious one which is abuse plus rush which gives your beasts the following threat ranges:
Savage 15″ and handy increase to p+s 15
Titan 11.5 and pushing p+s to guaranteed damage on all but khador jacks and to that a free slam for extra movement means you have to be careful about leaving that small control area.

Another nice trick is to run up a beats with Admonition on them and wait for a charge then move away hopefully leaving something juicy to eat for the other beasts. This wont work often as people will ignore or try to nullify the threat somehow.

Then obviously there is the throw/slam/knock-down of a target for Morghoul to needle to death but generally you want to protect him (as always with a caster/lock)

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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