Primarch Deathmatch Round 2

Welcome to more of Primarch on Primarch action in which we see which of the original 4 traitors is the daddy. After round 1 matches we have both Fulgrim and Horus up and running with wins.

Check out the above link for info about how I am doing the fights but for now let’s get straight into it:

Fulgrim VS Angron

This match was certainly a 30k version of Beauty VS the Beast!!!

As the brothers started to circle each other Fulgrim did his sword dance of moving and striking much to Angrons anger (I couldn’t think of anything better to use :P) however maybe too much prancing caused Fulgrim caught by some deceptive footwork by Angron! At the end of the first round Fulgrim had managed to find 2 weak points while Angron bludgeoned his way to a wound.

Moving into round 2 perhaps Fulgrim was caught out by his footwork not working as well in the last round he was caught by a vicious kick by Angron.

Into round 3 and Angron could sell victory or was it just blood?! Anyway he turned into a whirlwind of death and at the end Fulgrim was barely standing having taken 3 wounds and failing to do any in turn.

To end his brothers suffering quickly Angron removed his brothers final wound without any ceremony.

Winner is Angron

I was really surprised about this after round 1 I thought the quicker Fulgrim with impressive inv save would have out lasted Angron but it was not to be and finally the Red Angel made back his name.

Horus VS Mortarion

THe next match was of course the man himself Horus vs the reaper who can take a lot of punishment Mortarion.

Like the previous fight both brothers went straight for each other, no quarter given. By the end both had received a wound. However Horus had chosen to stick with his talon and so he had hoped to slowly whittle his brother down.

Both brothers had stunned each other with the early show of force and neither could get and advantage this round.

Into the further rounds Horus started to dismantle his brother in a slow methodical way. Over the next 4 rounds he caused another 5 wounds which left his brother still alive but unable to continue as Mortarion couldn’t hurt Horus anymore

Winner is Horus

I was not surprised by this really, as once Horus starts wounding with that Talon no-one in the game stands a chance as was shown in that he managed to get Mortarion down to ZERO strength before he could kill him.

So after round 2 of fights Horus has 2 wins both Fulgrim and Angron have 1 win each and Mortarion is bringing up the rear.

In the final round can Horus go undefeated and can Mortarion at least win one fight? We shall have to see..

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