Primarch Deathmatch Round 1

Simply this is some Primarch on Primarch action in which we see which of the original 4 traitors is the daddy. So let’s do this 😉

But first the set-up, it is going to be gladiator style so no charging bonuses, no ‘It Will Not Die’ rolls once you take a wound it stays there! Basically it will be who can hit hardest but maybe not the quickest! It will be a round-robin set-up so each Primarch will fight the 3 other Primarchs, there are to be no bending of the result the dice will decide the winners of each round. Once all matches have taken place hopefully we will see an out-and-out winner but if not I may do some sort of sudden death scenario 🙂

So let’s get started, but first some music…..

Fulgrim VS Mortarion

The first match in this will be the ‘Prefect of Perfect’ Fulgrim Versus ‘Darth Death’ Mortarion. So expert swordman various the guy who literally will not die.

As the 2 Primarchs begin their fight it is clear that Mortarion is not going to allow Fulgrim  to take the initiative despite his speed this resulted in Fulgrim taking a wound very quickly.

Stunned by this Fulgrim decided that no quarter should now be given if Mortarion was going to come so quickly for an asthmatic. When the dust had settled Fulgrim had managed to find 2 chinks in his brothers armour in a single round of combat.

Round 3 resulted in both brothers both being stunned by each others early attacks and neither could find an opening.

Then in the next 2 rounds Mortarion then steps up his attacking again and manages to take a wound a round off Fulgrim. Although neither brother can be seen as winning if Fulgrim continues to allow himself to be beaten in a piecemeal way maybe perfection is something he cannot attain too…

Moving into round 6 both brothers failed to make any more headway in this battle and both came up empty

Going into the later rounds it looked like that his asthma had started to affect Mortarion and his reactions started to slow Fulgrim leapt onto this slight weakness however Mortarions enhanced survivability still played apart it took Fulgrim a further 4 rounds of combat to finish his weakened brother.

Winner is Fulgrim

So although Mortarion looked like he had his brother in the end Fulgrim managed to finish him off reversing the initial trend. I most say this dragged on a lot mainly due to the excellent invulnerable saves the Primarchs have. In the end this is what won it for Fulgrim as a 3+ inv. is amazing.

Horus VS Angron

In the next round it was ‘Daddy doesn’t love me’ Horus versus ‘Analysis this’ Angron.

The stall was set out early for both of these brothers and summed up well their temperaments. Angron aggressive and wild axe swinging while Horus was also aggressive but far more tactical with it.

Despite the size of his brother in his personalised terminator armour Angron just could not hit Horus and when he did said armour parried away the blow.

While Horus systematically picked apart his brother with his talon.

Winner is Horus

That was a massacre by Horus maybe being angry is not always the way forward.

So after the first round of matches both Horus and Fulgrim currently stand above their brothers.

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