More WD Pics of CSM

So over on the Fritz40k blog there are some more pics of the new traitors. You can check them out HERE.

But for my standing here are couple.

A drunk Sorcerer or at least clumsy he has slipped on those books…..

The close combat obliterators? dont look to bad but then I like the current normal ones. Hopefully plastic as FC could hurt a lot.


OK I like to think I am always positive about this hobby of ours, but some of these choices are just bad. After the decent stuff inside the starter box we end up with these I am sad really I am.

3 thoughts on “More WD Pics of CSM

  1. My worry is that these new vehicle kits will relegate or remove some of the classic units like the Chaos Rhino variants. It’s all well and good expanding the range to incorporate more extensively warp-touched contraptions but – to me – one of the great aspects of the Chaos Marines is that they hold a dark (or honest) mirror up to the loyalist Astartes and I don’t want to see that lost.

    1. I think you have just hit the nail on the head as to why I am not liking the new stuff. No matter the funky stuff they have they are STILL space marines!

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