1000 POSTS

I am truly stunned like really really stunned.

Never in my wildest days would I think I could hit 1000 posts when I started this blog never mind the fact I have been doing a post a day everyday for most of the blogs history.

Thank you all for keeping coming back and actually let hit some (in my humble opinion) amazing numbers.

To give you an idea I started in 2010 and since then I have doubled my monthly average year on year so my current average views already for this year is 300+ per day. Huge thank you.

The other thing that has kept me going is the HUGE amount of new guys coming out of the woodwork for this hobby. Some great miniatures, games and hobby-related gubbins means you could literally play a different game every day of the year and not be disappointed πŸ™‚

So looking back the blog has grown from being the odd bit of me waffling and pictures of my poor painting to better pictures of my poor painting, reviews of many many things and the odd post I have written.

But more than anything I have been reblogging work of others as there is some amazing stuff out there that I am more than happy share with my little bit of the internet. Then we have something that you guys help me with and something I am very proud of;

The Bear-All Showcase, Bungle’s Blogging Bonanza, the Blue Miniature Badges and a recent addition the Soapy BearBox guest posts which are still starting out.

All these need input from the community and you have all been very helpful in making these very popular posts both to read AND to take part in.

I cannot be saying thank you without mentioning Phil over at the Shellcase for being a good friend but also putting up with my ideas which eventually with his guiding hand into the Shellcase Alliance and also the Shellcase Forums.

Competition Time

Now for those of you who have read this far I have a treat for you πŸ™‚

As it is my 1000 post I have 1000 pence to give away πŸ˜€ Thats right I have a Β£10 voucher for the great guys at Firestorm Games (even if they are Welsh ;)) to give away.

So how do you go about winning this? Well simply all you have to do is post a comment below saying you want to take part and you are in.

Only 1 entry per person

However you gain a second entry if after saying you are in you also give me a joke/one-liner/stupid fact that is wargaming related.

The competition will run for 2 weeks (so 31st July 2012)Β  however as a way to get my Facebook likes up if I hit 100 likes before that date then I will pick a winner then.

So a double-edged sword of tell you friends to comment and like on FB means a winner is picked sooner BUT it also means more people could win MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Finally I will be using http://www.random.org/ to generate the winner.

29 thoughts on “1000 POSTS

  1. I’d like to enter please Mr Bear!
    And my comedy contribution is…
    You know you’ve been playing 40k too long when you see a group of people on the street and wonder how many you could fit under a large blast marker.

  2. Reblogged this on The Shell Case and commented:
    My good and dear friend Dave has reached a truly incredible landmark; 1,000 posts. He’s always been an inspiration to me and, although may not know it, is partly responsible for The Shell Case in its current form. So nip over and read his landmark post. And he’s even thrown in a little treat too.

  3. I’d like to enter too!

    Also, why are Ultramarines uniforms the cleanest in the Imperium?

    Because washing machines last longer with Calgar!

  4. id like to be in with a chance, maybe some of the bears luck will rub off !

    now for a little joke !

    2 imperial guard drop troops are sitting talking about their first ever “jump” from a Valkyrie

    DT1: “wow wasnt that one of the scariest things ever ?”
    DT2: “You’re not kidding”, the other says, “I was last in line and when it was my turn to go I just stood there at the door paralyzed by fear.”

    DT1: “So what did you do?”
    DT2: “Well, I was standing there at the door and the Commissar came over, pulled down his pants and said he would bend me over and, well, you know . . . ”

    DT1: “Wow. So did you jump?”
    DT2: “A little, at first. !”

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