Digital GW and why only Apple love

A nice little article over on Tetsugaku, relating to why GW are only doing iBooks. Enjoy

A great many reasons. I grew tired of explaining them to fanboys on the internet so I’ll explain the problems here. Your comments are more than welcome, as is your feedback on my proposed solution.

1) Market Share.
The tablet market is split 60%/40% – IOS / Android according to the latest figures I could track down. This means that the largest single chunk, is resoundingly in Apples garden.

2) Fragmentation
Apple tablets are a single system. They all have the same size screen, one of two resolutions and predictable hardware. Android devices do not have *any* of these benefits as you can see in these info graphics. Designign for them is much, much harder as you have to account for so many more variables.

3) Single Digital Marketplace
Android does not have a single, trustworthy store to buy your digital products. There’s the Amazon store, the google play store and dozens of others.
Customer services are split into several locations,meaning more hassle and work for GW when dealing with problems.

To finish reading and leave some comments head on over to HERE

4 thoughts on “Digital GW and why only Apple love

  1. Hello! Thanks very much for the post I really appreciate any exposure and any feedback I can get from other gamers about what GW should really be doing with their digital strategy. I’m collating opinions and ideas and putting them into a case study, along with bona fide designs and flow charts

    Could I ask that we reduce the length of the quote down quite a bit? I’ll be updating the article as feedback comes in so I’d want them all kept up to date, it might make keeping all the comments and feedback in one place easier, thanks very much for your help 🙂

  2. Interesting points you’ve raised. I would be surprised if every Android user didn’t have have a google account or it makes many features a bit pointless. Whatever system Gw creates they can just connect an Android app to it from the google store? Can you clarify what you mean by ‘trust worthy source’ Piracy is certainly the big issue. Designing for the format in mind as the article says is more work but narrowed down to 5 sizes surely isn’t a big deal? I think most people expect the major platforms be supported these days. they can certainly afford to invest the time and money to make it work if the iBooks are as good as everyone says. If done properly it could even reduce piracy like Steam in Russia.

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