My Stormwall thoughts

So I have had the beast for a few days now and I have tried him with pNemo and pStryker (why? well thats my 2 Cygnar casters I have used so far :P)

But first some initial thoughts you have already had these hundreds of times already on the internet probably but I am going to go there just for completeness 😛

 – 120mm bases can be a pain to move around even with pathfinder. Obstacles are going to be painful very very painful (apparently Colossals & Battle Engines are incredibly clumsy).

 – He is a huge point sink it is amazing what your opponent can bring for the same cost.

 – Playing him at below 50pts is not worth it as like any really elite list (which is what a SW list is) means you feel every loss that little bit more than usual. OK he is a monster that can survive a lot but it also means you have less to screen your caster with and 120mm can sometimes not be enough cover your caster against certain nasties.

 – People can still be caught out by the fact he can fire his weapons while being engaged not as cool as doing melee and range attacks but this means you can still do a ranged assassination if presented 🙂

 – Stormwall loves infantry with covering fire and sweep attacks PLUS the pods means even multi-wound infantry have to think about it before getting anywhere near him.

 – The pods are fantastic free charge lane blockers.

So then onto the warcasters;

pNemo – First up you have to say 5 focus is just gravy the ability to fully boost those big guns is amazing or even if you fancy hitting some stuff with his fists 😀 and a side to this is Nemo’s ability to get more focus which is great for keeping the SW going and still casting spells speaking of which..

Chain lighting is great fun mainly as you have 2 targets that make for some infantry frying fun the Stormwall and its pods both can be targeted both ignore it say no more.

While Electrify makes sure you only get hit once maybe twice from an enemy (depending on reach) but will also let you free him up easier (when you use Arlan’s ignore free strikes, you did take Arlan?).

Or you could just use disruption field if you want SW to just go in and put the hurt on.

Overall pNemo is a nice fit for Stormwall the question you then have is after SW, Squire, Arlan and a JWC what else can you fit in.

pStyrker – Obviously can’t play around with as much focus s pNemo so you need to consider focus-efficient jacks after SW (So Ol’Rowdy and Stormclad) but what he does hand out is 3 very useful spells.

Arcane shield if you havent already got a JWC hanging around then this spell can be used to make SW better than a Khador jack and take his ARM to just obscene levels on Feat turn :D.

Snipe goes without question when you have 4 guns on one jack.

And finally Earthquake obviously knocked opponents are more fun than standing ones but one tactic that you will only get away with once is;

If you drop a pod near a caster/lock and they ignore it since it didn’t kill anything with the line of lighting and don’t move a decent distance away from it in their turn due to not relaising or you have hemmed them in slightly with your army you have a very nice target for Earthquake that is very cheap to get off as you wont need to boost 😀

Overall SW adds some fun to pStryker although I would not be as tempted to take it with him than say pNemo

2 thoughts on “My Stormwall thoughts

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