Bear-All Showcase – Torgaming

Welcome to the inaugural post for the Bear-All Showcase.

Hopefully you have already seen the original post asking for people to come forward and come forward in their 1s they have.

So without further-ado here is the winner (most time on their hands on a Monday) of the first post is the Man from Tor Gaming, here we go…..

1) Name (alias) – Gavin Moorcroft

2)How long have you been into the hobby? Umm, God knows. 16 years???

3) How were you introduced to the hobby?

Originally, one of my patents friends collected and painted models. It peaked my interest but it wasn’t until a  few years later that I walked into a GW store.

4) What attracted you to the hobby all that time ago?

Honestly, I do not recall… It must have been a factor of stuff including love of fantasy large battles in books. Always thought of myself as a battlefield general and this was a way to try it out.

5) Has that same attraction changed over time?

Yes, now I am in it (aside from the business side of it) for the social component. Being able to get with some mates and have a laugh doing something we all enjoy.

6) Can you put collecting, building, converting, painting, gaming into order of preference

Gaming. Umm.  That’s it really. I have never really been into the modelling side of the hobby and actually hate painting. So the rest area ll equal forth.

7) Why is gaming your top preference?

Because it’s the only one that has the social element and is what I originally got into the hobby for.

8) What does a bear do in the woods? Watch TV

9) What was the first miniature you ever bought/painted?

Ummm, damn, good question….. I think it was some dodgy mounted knight by some dodgy miniatures company that produced miniatures for RPGs

10) Do you still have it?

Ha ha, no. I pipped it into paint (well that’s what it looked like) then forgot/lost it. It was a bout 2 years later that I finally got into gaming and bought my first GW miniatures.

11) What is your favourite ever miniature?

I’ve not produced it yet. (I like a man who looks to the future)

12) What is it about that one, which makes it your favourite?

Because I don’t know what it will be like yet.

13) Bacon OR Sausage? Yes

14) What was your first gaming system? Warhammer

15) What gaming systems do you currently play? Relics, Clash (don’t have time for much else)

16) What is your favourite system you have ever played? Relics/Clash

17) Why? Because I wrote them!!! (a man who knows what he wants people)

18) What do you look for in a new game? Originality

19) Is toast really that lethal? To bears it is.

20) Can you put these into preference – Miniatures, Fluff, Rules
All equal first. Which is funny when you consider I don’t like the modeling side of the hobby. But it’s very important to have a complete package. The rules need to be interesting with depth and originality, the fluff has to capture the player’s imagination and the models MSUT convey what the fluff and rules are telling the player, If you fail on one of these points, the package isn’t complete

21) Why is everything the most important? Crap, read above. That will teach me for not reading ahead…

22) Original or re-made? Taken on a case by case basis

Finally since Gavin is also working in the industry here are some extras just for him.

23) Is working with miniatures all day cool? Some days hell yes, other days it’s just a job.

24) Is it harder to find time to do the hobby when the hobby is the job?
Completely. And especially now whilst the company is young and I am having to do almost everything from write rules to pack orders. Once I can expand I am sure I will get more time for the hobby (in-fact it will be company policy for us to have gaming time each week so we don;t forget why we are making games.

25) Are you slightly more insane because of it?
Slightly? no. Completely? Yes.

Thank you for taking the time for answering the questions.

If you want to see more of Tor gaming and what else Gavin does on a Monday go check out his website and also the forum.

The Showcase

Now for the exciting bit the showing off of miniatures, alas since Gavin is not a painter. Here is the next best thing gratuitous pictures of Tor Gaming miniatures enjoy;

6 thoughts on “Bear-All Showcase – Torgaming

  1. Ha ha, I forgot about that!! I never did manage to paint them all up either, if I remember correctly.

    Such a lazy twat when it comes to painting!!

    (ignore the perevious message, didn’t realise I wasn’t logged in…. Delete it please Mr Bear.)

      1. Yeah,

        I sprayed them white, which also meant that not only were they under-coated, but the coat and trousers were therefore painted!!! White uniforms for the win.,……

        But it does go to show my laziness to it’s extreme as they were 15mm so just how long would it have taken to slap on some skin, unit colouring and paint the muskets?

        Lazy goit!!

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