New Privateer Press goings on

So the people at PP have treated us to some new shiny things this week;

As part of the new plastic Merc jack set we now have the Rover. That shield cannon is absolutely mad….I love it.

This has to be one of the funkiest beasts PP have ever produced. At least one of the most unusual, cant wait to see the rules.

Another release from Wrath, this time its Nicia  I do like her love the sword but part of me wishes she was a lot more leaping…

While over on BoLS we have had a little preview of one of eBaldurs abilities;

Devourerʼs Debt – During your Control Phase place 1 Wurm token on this model. For each Wurm token on this model it gains +1 STR. At the end of each of this modelʼs activations it suffers 1 damage point for each Wurm token on it. This damage cannot be transferred

This is interesting as if you can not remove these tokens by another ability it means over 6 turns means you will take 21 points of damage. That will kill most casters so I am interested to see how he can shift them if at all.

OK it does mean in the final turn he could be doing pure damage to a Khador Jack!


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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