UV resin Ice Gamins VOTE!!!

As mentioned last week I have been playing around with some UV resin and blue stuff molds.

Started as a bit of an experiment and suddenly I have 4 different ice gamins…..

All using different paint techniques or even how I created them with the casting (if I can use that word) process.

So I have had fun knocking these up and there is some nice tiny details you can see if you squint…

Number 1

Pure resin no messing about…

Number 2

A dry brush of white on the details and then sealed in more resin so the colour is just under the skin…

Number 3

Created by swirling blue and white paint in the halves of the body before they were joined up.

Number 4

Last one is the off cuts of thin resin from the other 3 added to the mold as I poured the fresh resin in.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts about which one looks the best.

I am thinking this could help me create all the gamins for a certain academic from arcanists as well 🙂


Playing with UV resin

So I have being playing around a lot with UV resin of late.

Doing the water effect of my Slaanesh stuff for example and ice pillars for Malifaux.

So I wondered if I could do some stuff around a blue stuff mold of something I sculpted and here is the first test.

Now it isnt a prefect copy, this is less of an issue with this being potentially an ice gamin some variation I can get away with.

But lessons have been learnt the heat from the resin as it cures can be pretty intense more so if you have a lot of resin about and are adding ot quickly on a big surface.

This means the blue stuff mold actually becomes malleable again. Well more than is helpful..

Hence why I think we have the wavy leg and also you can see some of the blue stuff embedded in the chest.

So the next experiment is a little more extreme for me but not for anybody who casts. I am going to cut up the model to make smaller sections to mold and hopefully this means the process is less heat intensive and so I can reuse the same mold. As at the moment the whole mold needs redoing to go again.

I will report back when I have done more 🙂

Keeper Of Secrets Review

Well we are here again, and this time I am looking at number 3. Thats right I have managed to get my hands on number 3 of the Greater Daemons! Only the angry bird left to go :O

First a little note on magnetizing as this is important to me (love saving money 😉 ). On first look round the kit I do think it is possible to do some magnetizing on this kit. However it wont be as straight forward as say the Great Unclean One but if your magnets are small enough and you are very patient all the options should be workable.

I chickened out for this kit mainly, that I needed some speed as my Slaanesh are in an escalation league and I needed NEEDED! some big claws in my list.

As always really nice box with all the options on show

What is really nice is the inner box, which has some amazing artwork , that I dont think is anywhere (maybe the 40k Daemon codex?) which is really cool and a little unexpected.

I say this because the packaging (although cardboard), I felt was a little OTT. We had the tray for the model like all GW big kits and then 2 boxes as well. Cool artwork and the cool “look what you can make” boxes are well cool. But, I have no idea why GW have done this, other than to slow down my search for the shiny goodness inside! And to fill my recycling bin quicker…

So we get 2 spures in the box, crammed full with parts. The first thing that draws the eye is the ‘skirt’ parts which account for a lot of space and also their depth. Something I didnt do was take a picture from the side as they take up a lot of 3D space.

What was also interesting is that this has to be the first kit in long time I have seen that it can be split almost in two, with spure 1 being the all body parts and I think all the options for a build. While, spure 2 is the decorations (plus some hand options). Harks back to the days when this was come rather than the more CAD designed spures to maximize space. I am sure this has still happened but by fluke the split made sense….

Sorry random detour!

There are plenty of options available and you may recongize the space claw(s) on some of my recent terrain work..

We all love options and this kit like the other Greater Daemons brings it.

I will say all those delicate jewels makes my heart sink, I am, a ham-fisted clumsy modeller at the best of times and those pieces fill me with dread.

Caution is advised for this kit as like all Slaanesh, it is a delicate razor of a god..

Next up , the instruction manual is the usual 3D-render we expect now from GW and the hint of colour in places can help those when building.

But now lets just drool (is that appropriate?) over some of the details of this model. They are exquisite, the small details of the torso connections and the very organic way all the armour is done. I love it and the fact it is a Ken doll makes me smile just a little, juvenile that I am!

While you have individual teeth/fangs on the heads. Just really a cool model and one worthy to stand with its brothers/sisters/beings of the Greater Daemon type.

Over all the build is pretty straight forward and the fit is amazing. There is no major worries or gaps to mention when I put mine together.

Of course the skirt hides a great deal of the model really and this could help. Something that you will need to be careful of though is the skirt attaches to the arms at very small points and this means that if you are wanting to do even some minor tweaks to the pose, it will take some major work to do it. Admittedly the claw arms are free game. But this is perhaps the least convertable of the Greater Daemons I have dabbled with.

So pretty though, so very very pretty…..I need to stop looking at Slaanesh!

Scale Shot

We always need a scale shot and well she/it is a tall bugger! Bigger than a Thanatar is impressive to consider but with the Daemonette only coming up to the knee you can imagine you are not hiding this model on the battlefield.


She/it is in the higher band of models to purchase but for the price of £63.75 from our friends over at Triple Helix Wargames, it is worthy of a centerpiece model in your army. Perhaps not as mental as the Bloodthirster and GUO I have covered before but it is still imposing. All that height helps of course as it towers over so much but the detailing can be so small that painters are going to have great fun getting her tabletop ready.