Drones Attack


The mighty OSSSSSSSSSS needed some drones, so not wanting disappoint we got some for them :)+


Holiday Blogging

So the annual 2 week sweat-a-thon to keep the boss lady happy has almost finished and I have managed so holiday hobby as well 🙂First up was the finishing of my tech-thralls unit for my Dark Mechanicum. Which are recycled Goliaths with some interesting guns.I have also managed to paint a Geisha for my 10T Youko crew

and have started on the sculpting of my swamp based Sandeep crew.With a Gamin and a Golem sculpted out of green stuff and the plan being that I will have a few of them and depending which type i summon will be dictated by the crystal in their chests.

Lastly I have appeared to have been eyeing up some Slaanesh for AoS. With the idea of a mainly Chariot based force of godseekers who seeked too long in the swamps and have become a Siren force.Who knows what Chaos will ensue next year 😀